The Waters You’ll Fish

The Local Rivers & Creeks

Fly fish our secret spots on the beautiful Elk River, Wigwam River, Michel Creek, Bull River and Flathead River. Read more about each of these amazing fly fishing destinations below.


The Elk is the definition of “Freestone”. This glacial fed beauty is 220km of breathtaking scenery and emerald green waters holding fat west slope cutthroat trout and the occasional very large bull trout. The Elk river is the bread and butter of fishing in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 


The Wigwam river is our crowning jewel. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, you will not find water this clear anywhere else. The Wigwam is chalked full of fat cutthroat and large bull trout. The occasional cut bow and mountain whitefish have come out of these waters as well.


The Michel is by far one of the best Cutthroat producing stream in the world. The average cutthroat measures around 16” but it is not uncommon to push into the 18-20” range. This creek is a great way to ensure you have the true “cutthroat trout experience”. Michel creek is walk and wade only, but has short, easy access from the road to the water.


The Bull offers 117 km of secluded wilderness fishing in aqua blue water. The river is separated into two major sections by a hydroelectric dam; the upper bull, and the lower bull.The upper stretch is primarily walk and wade accessed. It holds cutthroat and smaller bulls. The smaller tributaries of the this stretch make for some fun, adventurous walk and wades on smaller creeks. The lower Bull is loaded with fat cutthroat and the occasional rainbow, and a large bull trout run later in the season.The lower offers the most scenic float we do. Whatever stretch you choose you will rarely will see other anglers in this watershed.


National Geographic named the Flathead valley the “Crown of the Continent” and for good reason. The Flathead Valley has some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see. We fish the extremely remote headwaters of the Flathead until it crosses the over the Montana border. Both floating and wading are fantastic options to connect with this stretch of water. The Flathead comes with a balanced diet of Cutthroat, Bull trout, Rainbows, and Mountain Whitefish.

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