Environmental Stewardship

At FWA we are surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in North America and get the privilege of showing our guests the beauty we are lucky enough to wake up to every single morning. Therefore, we have a deep commitment in preserving and protecting the environment.

Our lodge is powered by off the grid practices and run by solar power and generator. We do not have phones or televisions in the individual rooms to conserve energy, but there is a cell booster located in the lounge. We buy our meat and produce from local farmers and recycle all used oil, bottles, glass, and plastic.. We take great care to ensure that all fish are handled as little as possible and released safely and quickly.

When fish need to be handled, our guides use fish friendly handling practices and rubber nets. We do our best to help make sure the rivers stay clean, picking up trash if we find any on the river. We are committed to protecting the waters, landscape, and environment the best to our ability.

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