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Our History


FWA was established in 1986 with optimistic entrepreneurial spiritĀ and was the first licensed fishing outfitter in the Elk Valley. FWA started as a modest operation with Kim offering fishing tours on his days off from hisĀ full time job.

In 1995 Kim and his wife Deb decided to concentrate all of their energy on FWA and resigned from their other employment. This was also the year that the famous cat skiing operation got its start. In the later part of the year tragedy struck when Kim drove up to see only glowing embers where the lodge and bunkhouses once stood. The community, friends, and family came together to help build a new beautiful, rustic lodge.

As word traveled of the incredible adventures experienced with FWA, our bookings boomed. Fly fishing in Fernie is an experience every angler should experience in their lifetime.

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